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CG Generalist

Demetrius is a multi-media artist and CG generalist. His interest in digital art evolved from a desire to explore the lineage between traditional and digital art forms. His academic research is centered around exploring 20th century art forms and their influence  on contemporary animated films and games. His personal interests include mixed media painting, developing content for 3D animation, and developing interactive games.


After earning his MFA in Media Technology and Entertainment, Demetrius has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at Florida Atlantic University in 3D animation, 3D character modeling, game design and digital compositing. Between 2018-2022, as an Assistant Professor, Demetrius developed the animation curriculum at Columbus State University and taught courses in computer animation.


Beginning fall of 2022, he began an academic appointment as an Assistant Professor of Emerging Media, instructing graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of Central Florida with a focus in computer animation. 

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